Intensive Driveway and Patio Cleaning

Hurricane combi P2 pressure washer

At Abbey Driveways:

We don’t just lay drives and patios but we also have an intensive cleaning maintenance package to restore your driveway, decking or patio back to life. We use state of the art technology for professional jet washing and pressure cleaning services. There is no need to worry about maintaining your drive because that is what we are here for.

With our LPG Honda powered pressure washers, we are able to clean most surfaces including block paving, tarmac, printed concrete, paving slabs, plus both natural and re-constituted stone.

Using a variable high pressure water that’s 4-5 times the power of the water from standard jet washers, our rotary head cleaners don’t leave the unattractive “striping” effect like standard jet washers but instead restore your outdoor surfaces back to their original condition.

With the LPG engine we reduce Carbon Emissions by 60% whilst maintaining the same standards as our petrol machine. We cannot promise that we will 100% remove oil spillages but our machine is so powerful that it certainly reduces the colouring so why not get in touch so that one of the team can come out and appraise your drive.

Whilst we are at your property we will spray weed killer (safe for pets and children) on the area required for cleaning, leave the weed killer to do its work for a week to ten days. Once we have addressed the weeds, moss and algae our jet washer will remove the rest whilst restoring the driveway or patio. Last but certainly not least we will come back again to lay the dry kiln sand (weather permitted).

For those individuals with dogs unsightly, algae and moss covers patios, paths and driveways that can become dangerous and unsightly if not maintained. Especially true in winter, by washing away algae and moss, we can stop the surfaces around your property from becoming slippery.

All that we ask is for the cars to moved from the drive and leave the rest to us.

We will also ensure that your property is clean and tidy after our visit and as an added extra we will clean down the walls, drains and lower gutters. Don’t waste your hard earned weekend by cleaning your drive when you can call the professionals. No money exchanges hand until after we have completed all of the work and you, the client is happy with the results.

All this from a WHICH? Trusted Trader!